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    1. Enter via online at and fill out all fields.  Two winners will be contacted by phone.
    1. Entrants must be registered players on a team in a recognized minor hockey association.  Five players must be present for the competition. They will compete on-ice against the other Minor Hockey team.
    1. The chances of winning depend upon the number of eligible entries received.
    1. All entry forms become the property of the Calgary Sun and none will be returned.
    1. Winners must supply their own hockey equipment including a safety approved helmet.
    1. In order for the children who are participating to be eligible for the prize, the following must be completed:
    • A list of all the children’s names, attending parent and their phone number must be completed
    • A waiver (provided by the Flames) must be signed for each child. At minimum, a single parent of guardian must sign for each child
    1. All team members must be at Shipping and Receiving at least one hour prior to the start of the game. Security will meet you at the door and take you down to your dressing room once all of the children have gathered. Due to an increase in security a limit of 1 parent per child will be permitted in the dressing room.
    1. During the first period, all kids and coaches must remain in the dressing room. At the 5:00 minute mark, the kids should be ready to go. Jerseys are provided for the relay but must be returned after intermission. The Calgary Flames’ staff will provide all the race details prior to the event. The relay will last approximately 2 minutes. Parents may watch from the Olympia (Zamboni) entrance or in the dressing room.
    1. A brief outline of the race (to be explained in detail once participants are at the Dome):
    • Teams will start in opposite corners at one end of the ice.
    • The first player from each team skates as fast as they can to the neutral zone obstacle course.
    • They’ll then skate through the set-up obstacle course which involves jumping over a low level stick set up in the neutral zone.
    • They’ll then skate around a cone at the end of the course and skate back towards the corner they started.
    • Once they arrive near the blue-line they are to perform a “Superman Dive” under another stick.
    • Once the first player has completely crossed the goal line the next member of his/her team starts skating.
    • First team to have all 5 skaters complete the course is declared the winner!
    1. After the intermission feature the kids will be taken back to shipping and receiving and parents MUST take their equipment to the car before heading up to watch the game.
    1. The contest is subject to all applicable federal, provincial, and local laws and regulations.
    1. All prizes must be accepted as awarded.  There is NO CASH VALUE AND NO SUBSTITUTIONS MAY BE MADE.
    1. The prize will be awarded provided the rules of the contest are complied with.
    1. In consideration of participating in the Sun contest, the contestant hereby releases, waives and discharges all sponsors of the contest from all liability, and to their heirs, executors administrators and assigns for all loss of any kind to their person or property whether or not caused by negligence of the contest sponsors or any of their employees.
    1. The sponsors of this contest reserve the right to cancel or modify the contest at any time.  All sponsors reserve the right, in its absolute discretion, to make substitutions in the event of the unavailability of any component of the prize for any reason whatsoever.
    1. By entering the contest, the contestant gives authorization and full consent that the Sun may publish their name, photograph, voice or any other visual materials in which they may appear without limitation or reservation or any compensation.
    1. Contest winners will be required to answer a skill-testing question and sign a release form stating they have complied with the rules of the contest in order to win the prize. If any statement made by the contestant in this declaration is false, they agree to return to the sponsors the full amount of any prize that may be awarded.
    1. All entries will be subject to verification by the contest organizers.
    1. The contest is managed by Postmedia.